Peter's United Methodist Church

2785 Chaney Rd Dunkirk, MD 20754

Peter’s United Methodist Church History

   The history of Peter’s United Methodist Church can be traced back to the year of 1857.  In that year, the land was entrusted to the Trustees and Stewards of St. Peter’s Chapel.  The first church was built in 1857 in the direction of north and south.  In 1893, St. Peter’s Chapel was one of seven churches on the same circuit.  Those churches were St. Peter’s Chapel, Cooper’s Chapel, Mt. Hope, St. Edmonds, St. John’s, Patuxent, and Brown’s (now known as Young’s United Methodist Church).  Sometime later, Mt. Hope and St. Edmond’s became station churches and Peter’s and Cooper’s churches remained on the same charge, then known as the Dunkirk Charge.


   Under the leadership of Rev. J. T. Mottan, St. Peter’s Chapel was rebuilt in the year of 1909 in its present location.  In 1977, the church was rebuilt.  Rev. John R. White initiated the start of this new project.  In 1979, Rev. Howard Kent, Jr. was appointed as Pastor of the

church and continued the work of completing the new structure.  In 1980, the new church

building was completed and dedicated to Christ.  We give accolades to Bro. Joseph Evans, overseer, and his co-workers for spending many long hours of labor, free of charge, to complete the new church building.  A Mortgage Burning Celebration was held on

Sunday, May 29, 1988.  In 1992, Rev. Johnnie Washington was appointed to Peter’s UM Church, where he worked diligently with the church to acquire a grant to complete the Multi-Purpose Building.  The building was completed in 2004.  We also give accolades to the late Bro. Robert Wilkerson for his diligence and hard work to complete the Multi-Purpose Building.

   In 2005, Peter’s sought to be a single station church and with much prayer, in July 2006, we

became a single station church, where Pastor Robert L. Johnson was appointed.  Over the next

few years, Peter’s began to work diligently with the community.  We became active with the

Calvert County Safe Nights program, we help families in need monthly with requested household

and fundamental necessities, and we host a Community Celebration that provide food and fun

to the entire community.  Over the next nine years, other community outreach programs were

erected as well.  In January 2015, Pastor Doris J. Rothwell was appointed to Peter’s UM Church,

where we continue to grow and thrive to do missional work.  Peter’s UM Church is a loving

church, where we seek to serve, support, connect and meet people where they are.  We are

Blessed to Be a Blessing until all Families of the Earth are Blessed and we invite all to come

and fellowship with us.

1893 - 1896  Rev. Perkins

1897 - 1899  Rev. James H Jenkins

1900 - 1903  Rev. J.W. Titus

1904 - 1905  Rev. G.R. Williams

1905 - 1907  Rev. J.C. Norris

1908 - 1919  Rev. J.T. Mottan

1920 - 1922  Rev  R. Griffin

1922 - 1928  Rev. F.D. Hall

1928 - 1930  Rev. J.C. Scarbrough

1930 - 1936  Rev. John W. Jenkins

1936 - 1939  Rev. G. Breashears

1939 - 1941  Rev. Benjamin Collins

1941 - 1949  Rev. P.R. Vauls

1949 - 1970  Rev.  William Edwards

1970 - 1974  Rev. Charles Bourne

1974 - 1979  Rev. John R. White

1979 - 1992  Rev. Howard Kent, Jr.

1992 - 2003  Rev. Johnnie Washington

2003 - 2006  Rev. Hallie Lawson Reeves

2006 - 2015  Pastor Robert L. Johnson

2015 - Pres   Pastor Doris J. Rothwell

History of the Pastors for Peter's UMC


Blessed to Be a Blessing until All Families of the Earth are Blessed.