Peter's United Methodist Church

2785 Chaney Rd Dunkirk, MD 20754

About Our Pastor

   Pastor Doris J. Rothwell was born on April 21, 1959 near Bradenton, Florida.  She spent her elementary and high school years in Florida and graduated from Palmetto High School, Palmetto Florida (Business Track).  She went on to receive several certificates and certifications throughout her work career.  Pastor Rothwell is married to Felton Rothwell of Lexington Park Maryland.  In 2005, Pastor Rothwell migrated to Lexington Park, where she still currently resides.  Pastor Rothwell has three biological children and six step children.


   Pastor Rothwell joined Zion United Methodist church in 2006.  She has been a faithful and dedicated member there for the past 9 years.  During her time at Zion UM Church, she served in several different ministries.  She was the SPPRC Chair, Lay Servant, Worship Leader, Minister of Protocol and Assistant to the Pastor.  Pastor Rothwell also chaired many other committees and helped on several other boards.  Pastor Rothwell also accepted the call as a Local Pastor while at Zion UM Church.  Pastor Rothwell’s call story is as quoted “I find it humbling to convey how I answered my call in the ministry.  I heard a voice from beyond myself, beckoning me to listen and respond. God is the one who initiates our relationship.  It was not clear to me, at the time, why I began remembering past experiences in my life; Remembering trails God brought me through and things He delivered me from…deliverance that only God can provide.


   As a youth, I sensed in many ways that my life was a bit different than my peers.  I felt, in my spirit, that following others engaging in teenage experiences was not for me.  I asked questions, trying to figure out this feeling I was experiencing.  My heart searched for something I could not see; I could only feel.  After some life changing events, something began tugging at my heart like never before. I felt, somehow, some way, my life was about to change in ways I could not explain.  In the year of 2005, I made a decision to move to the geographical area of Lexington Park, Maryland.


   I believe that God predestined me in the spirit before He prepared me in the flesh.  My spirit foreknew my call before I answered.  On August 6, 2006, I joined Zion UM Church as a professing member.  While serving in different ministries, I still felt this tug at my heart.  I felt, in my spirit, God had other plans for my life. I began fasting and praying more and more, asking God to reveal to me His plan for my life. God gave me His answer “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me” (John 10:27).  I hesitated because it was not yet clear to me what plans He had in store for me.  Rev. Kenneth P. Moore offered me books to read and after reading them, I received clarity of my call.


   My desire to serve God surpasses everything else of value in this world.  I have a strong desire, in my heart, to do the work of God.  I found my heart’s desire when I heard the voice of God and started seeking and serving Him in all things and in all ways.  I am motivated by a passion for the Glory of Christ and the Salvation of precious souls.  My desire to love God and people provides me much peace.  The fruit of Integrity, Patience, Wisdom, and Self Discipline…these gifts help to keep me grounded in my life and in my Christian journey”.


   Pastor Rothwell is currently an Office Specialist II with the St. Mary’s Housing Authority.  She enjoys hosting a Monday night bible study for the elderly and loves her current position as Pastor of Peter’s UM Church, where she has adopted the vision “Blessed to Be a Blessing until all Families of the Earth are Blessed and the mission statement “Serve, Support, Connect, Meet”.   Pastor Rothwell is passionate about working for the Lord and is an example to many.  She has been recognized for her work throughout St. Mary’s County.   Her favorite scripture is Philippians 4:13 ”I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.  Pastor Rothwell’s favorite quote is “Live Well, Laugh Often and Love Much”.

Pastor Rothwell and the members at Peter’s UM Church welcomes all to fellowship with us.  Our doors swing on welcome hinges and we look forward to seeing you soon. Amen!


                   SERVE God and all people regardless of race, creed and statute

                   SUPPORT programs and mission which support our culture and the lives of God’s people

                   CONNECT with each other, the community, and world.

                   MEET individuals and families where they are.




Blessed to Be a Blessing until All Families of the Earth are Blessed.